Welcome to Head Meat Games!

We make games. You love games.

In an awesome convergence of circumstances, if you're a Flash Portal owner/operator, you can distribute and/or license our games!

Most of our games are available for Secondary Licensing, which means we strip out any Primary Sponsor branding, place your Branding Materials in the game, and lock it to your Portal's domain. (This is also known as 'Non-Exclusive Licensing'.)

Primary Licenses are available for our unreleased titles, but those are negotiated privately before the game gets posted here, for reasons of exclusivity.

With a Primary License, your branding 'rides with' the game wherever it is distributed, meaning that players will be drawn to your site by click-throughs on your branding materials ('Play More Games', 'View High Scores', etc).

If you would like to be added to our list of potential Primary Sponsors, just send us a message and we'll alert you when new titles are up for bids!

If you like what you see here, CONTACT US and we will be happy to work out agreeable terms for your desired license.